About Crimson

All is One.


Crimson stands for a Love in Unity. A brand that creates for and grows together with its customers, maintaining its promise of integrity, respect and togetherness.  
Since 2023 we are looking to bring you closer to a world full of mystery, wonder and beauty.
We are the top curator for Techno Wear and Rave Clothing on the market, looking to supply you with solid quality clothing while maintaining a price point that makes everyone happy. 
We have over 100 pieces handpicked and curated for you. Our goal is to put them in a context that makes it easy for you to find fashion that inspires you, so you can show off your best self the next time your ears hear the rolling bass.  
If you want to go even further we are happy to supply you with our Crimson Customs. Cutting edge designs and high quality materials for an aesthetic that can be felt. We are making sure that Crimson Customs will be the fashion experience that our vibrant community deserves.
History behind Crimson | My words to you:
My name is Aaron Sergeev and I am the creator and Chief Creative Officer behind Crimson. This brand has grown from my love for Fashion, Creativity and Techno into a project that I am happy to dedicate my life to.
My wish is to create a platform that shapes the face and look of modern Techno. With Crimson I want to catalyze the beauty that I see in each and everyone of you out there. Shit I guess to make some money too :P
If you buy from us you have my promise that we will do what we can to guarantee a customer experience that stands above what you are used to.
We want to build long lasting relationships and be a small positive factor in your life. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask. 
Love to all and see you at the next Rave (front row or toilets probably :D)
Aaron Sergeev 


Crimson CEO Aaron Sergeev

    credit: TienDucPham 


If you have any feedback, ideas on how we can improve business for you or there is something that's on your mind: You are very welcome to email us at hello@crimsonc9.com
One is All