Micha Sagt Moin


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I see you friend! Seems to me like you scanned that lil sticker so lemme guess: you are most likely at a Rave and/or you found a CrimsonSticky (Patent pending) at a dope place which the Crimson mandem picked to be a good spot. As a reward for your hard scanning work and willingness to catch a virus you will receive a 15% discount on our sexy ass products. Just put "Sticky" into the discount section when you are checking out. If you are like wtf is happening??? Let me explain:

Crimson Stickies are basically advertisement for our brand Crimson but with a twist (we always try to be creative). Anyone who wants to participate can send a video of when they taped a sticker and send it to our insta (maybe even the one you scanned just now). You can get stickers for free by just sliding into our DM's and asking. So far we have posts from all over the world including Paris, Vancouver, New York, San Diego and Catania. Here are the highlights:

We always choose the best video at the end of the year and the winner receives any product of their choosing from Crimson for free. 

This page will be used to post some of the funny memes and shit the Crimson Crew forwards or one of you guys has sent to us.

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When someone sprays water at the rave


If you have some bangers don't hesitate to contact us through IG. Please feel free to check out the site for some Next Level Rave and Techno Wear and other related products

 Elbow in The face Meme


Für alle Atzen und Atzinnen: Auf locker paar Memes, wir lieben euch und support the wave (die Welle).

auf locker


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Der eine Kolleg (er braucht das): 

lass nachlegen

 (Ich kann das alles nicht mehr, bitte kauft unsere Klamotten)