Show the world that you are one of one.


We all have something that is special to us.

We find things that drive us and that we are proud to invest time and effort in.

Let others see what you created so they can find the beauty too.

You have an event that needs someone to cover the special moments?

You are a DJ that is ready to show how music can transform the soul?

Or do you have any other need for someone to take videos or produce content for your person or organization?


I'm Aaron, a professional videographer based in Cologne/Aachen and would like to offer my service and ability to you.



Contact me today with you wishes and ideas and we will work on creating a world where you are shining how you were always supposed to.

Send an inquiry email to or just text me at

+49 176 45675563

Raw Clips

My most common type of work involves capturing the feelings and emotions at Raves and other events.

I have been an active member in the Techno scene for years now and have developed a feel for the music and crowd that enables me to find where I need to be at a given moment to really capture the vibe that is present.

Heggemann B2B Cleopard2000

Adrián Mills B2B HiTMiLØW

Neon Graveyard B2B David Strasser

Matrix Bootshaus

Video Editing

Another passion of mine is the creation and blending of video material. Below you can find some previous work of mine. My scope ranges from short enhancement clips to big composite projects and aftermovies.

If you would like your project to really blossom into lasting digital art with stunning effects you are welcome to share your vision and we can discuss details.

Techno Clip - Schatten

Klangkuenstler Techno Edit


What are your credentials?

Although I'm a fairly new face in the professional realm my journey has taken me to all the places I need in order to give you professional work which leaves nothing up to chance.

I picked up my first real camera during my time in San Diego, CA in 2023 where I had the opportunity to film my first work in a professional environment.

Since coming back to Germany at the start of 2024 I was able to pave my way to film in some of Colognes biggest Clubs like Bootshaus and Artheater or renowned Festivals like Hive. Talented artists in my portfolio include Neon Graveyard, David Strasser, Kuko, Adrian Mills or Heggemann.

I would love to add you and your home to the list.

How would you describe your work ethic?

I live by the standard of either giving something everything you got or not doing it at all.

That means that it doesn't matter to me if you are a small artist who is still making it's way to the big stage or if you are a world renowned super star.

If you book me for a job that means that you will get my full attention and energy for that time and if I can help you with anything else you just let me know.

I try to always deliver within 48hours, of course this can vary with size and scope of a project or job.

What is unique about your work?

I believe that it's my purpose in this world to create and to help highlight the unique talent of others.

Since my time as a child I have been thriving in creative endeavors. I was always very open about exploring new ideas, letting my fantasy roam free and transforming my intuitions into reality.

This gift unique to my person coupled with my experiences as a human being that has traveled a lot and seen much of the world have been quintessential in my approach as an artist.

I believe in creating with no boundaries, trying new things but also sticking to principles that I see as fundamentals for an aesthetic that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Topics I like explore in my work: light and shadow, abstract and nontraditional coloring and much more.

To sum things up: My work is defined by me as an individual that sees in beauty almost everywhere I go. My wish is to pass this feeling to as many people as I can, starting with you as a potential client :)

How much does your service cost?

I believe that fixed pricing structures do not really fit into the model for good creative services.

How much my service costs depends on variables like amount of time spent at location, what equipment has to be used, time spent in the edit etc.

Just send me an email at with your ideas or needs and I can give you a rough quote or estimation. If you wish to proceed we can discuss details and form a verbal agreement or set up a contract if you prefer.

If you need Raw Clips as a DJ I can start as low as a 100€ + potential travel costs

Bring our worlds together :D