King of Techno | Klangkuenstler Video Edit

King of Techno | Klangkuenstler Video Edit

Months of Work have lead to this Moment.  


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We are proud to announce that we just released our exclusive Crimson Video Edit for Micha aka Klangkuenstler aka the Gooat. The video is a mixture of our favorite songs mixed together with visuals from all over. It is a wild ride to be sure and I would warmly suggest a quick look to everyone who has not seen it yet. You can find the link right here: Klangkuenstler Video 

We hope everyone enjoys and do not forget to like, subscribe and share that shit with your friends if you think they would get a kick out of it too. It's all love and if you have any thoughts, commments or suggestions on what we should do next, just hit us up Insta or comment under the video. Stay hard and Ciao! Below you can find some highlight moments from the video.


Untergang Video recolored

Gon TechnoKlangkuenstler

Skeleton Klangkuenstler Edit



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