Let me show you the world through my eyes. 

My name is Aaron Sergeev and I am the creative force behind Crimson and C9Photography. Born with a passion for creativity and following that path for as long as I can remember, I now hope to embrace the art of capturing aesthetics, beauty and love through my video- and photography. Most important for me is to hold on to the essence of moments in order to make them truly unforgettable

I specialize in fashion and model photography with a focus on Techno. Although this does not mean that my work is limited to this scope. I believe in always expanding ones horizon and striving for true excellence in any creative endeavor. So if you are not sure if your project or event fits into my vision as an artist: Just message me your ideas and if it works out we'll create something unique worth remembering :) 

For bookings please send an inquiry through form below or email directly at:

Rihkter UnrealGermany Colorful Rave


Dive into the endless world of Techno sound and light. Raw emotions, vivid colors and beautiful expression through dancing. Watch your favorite DJs tear down the club or contemplate some magical moments I was able to caputre through my photography.


Fashion and Portraits

Pretty faces and unique Fashion. Here you can find my work examining contemporary styles and clothing. This includes work for Crimson and other brands as well.



A curation of some of my personal favorite images shot over the years. These pictures range from landscapes, abstract work to street photography and are just meant to reveal some of my personal interests in photography for those who are interested.


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