Rick and Morty in TechnoVerse

TechnoVerse - The Rick and Morty Shirt Special

This one will be an all Time exclusive - Limited Time Special Offer where our most loyal and first supporters get something really nice back.


Rick and Morty Techno Shirt

For years we in the Crimson Family have been big Rick and Morty Fans. Now with this brand we can finally do a little crossover that should have happened long ago. Rick and Morty finally came to TechnoVerse and as a result we now present you this Design. Hol' up Rick even got the unreleased Crimson Tank Top, goddamn. 


There will be no official release, but if you want the shirt no matter what, you can aquire it by messaging us the name/order number of any of your purchases made at Crimson. As a gift we will send you the Shirt at production cost (25€) for you to enjoy. You can find it on our website by  clicking here.

Additionaly we have linked you our Instagram Post with all the info and a little extra entertainment ;) 

Wubba Luba Dub Dub Everybody and Enjoy! 

Rick and Morty Crimson Techno Shirt


Techno Rick

Techno Morty


 Rick and Morty in TechnoVerse

Ps: There will be no announcement as to the end of the offer and when it runs out it is gonna be forever. 

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