Crimson Day Anniversary Announcement

Crimson Day Anniversary Announcement

We are excited to announce the celebration of our first year anniversary with a special event  that will hopefully give all of you a little of the joy back, which you guys have brought us over the last year. We couldn't do this without you and want to say thank you with all our heart

The event will take place at Niehler Strand in Cologne on 19.05.24 starting at 16:00. Next day is a holiday so no stress about going to work :D You can find the location details at the bottom of the page and on instagram.  



There will be free drinks, an open DJ contest with the first prize winning a shirt signed by Kalte Liebe and surprise gifts for the first 30 people to attend.

All of this will hopefully be paired with a sunny beach day in an amazing relaxed location at the Rhein together with the friendly and warm faces that make up our community. We have also teamed up with the boys of sippin' to bring you cold cocktails readily available for a small price, to keep you cool that day. 

Lastly we are excited to release our special anniversary Tee that sunday and with it mark the start of our 龙年 - Year of The Dragon Collection. Be ready for amazing designs and content all year long


If you want to support us you can either put something in our little donation glass on site, donate drinks yourself or buy something at the shop.


Everyone is welcome to join us and bring their friends to celebrate one year of Crimson. We will try to make the place as cozy as possible for you, but to bring the best out of the location and event we kindly ask people to bring their own seating equipment like blankets, lazyboys and camping chairs. If you have ideas or want to help in any way, shape or form feel free to send us a DM :)


Attention: This event will not be registered officially, as this is impossible under current law. If asked who is organizing and how you heard about the event just refer to common friends and that we all met at a Rave and decided to hang out :) It's important for us to mention that we do not intend to cause any trouble and just want to relax and celebrate with you guys together.

We can't guarantee that we will be able to hold it down until the end, but if everybody brings good vibes, no stress and their own stuff there isn't really much that can go wrong. 


More detailed info will be released on our insta and we will continually update this post.

If you are interested to join the open DJ contest please register under this link here.

We hope to continue making events like this under the name All is One Events in the future and can't wait see all of you guys there.

Stay strivin. 

 Location Update:


 The event will take place inn Köln Niehl near Cranachstrand and just beyond the Cranachwäldchen. If you look at Google Maps it is pretty much on the opposite side of the Rhein to Opal Wohnturm and Fitnesspark. 

We will post a couple of stories on the day of the event so you can find us better. Also if you hear music and see a bunch of nice people that will probably be us :D


How to get there: 

1. By train/foot:

Take the 13 or 18 to station Slabystr. and from there use Google Maps to walk to the location. If you take the direct way it's probably gonna be a relaxed 15-20 minute walk. Alternatively you can make your way directly to the Rhein and from there walk near the riverbank. May take a little longer but makes for a beautiful stroll


2. Car: 

If you want to use your car you have the possibility of using either the Parkplatz am Molenkopf or the Parkplatz Köln Kuhweg. Both are free, with Molenkopf being an easy 10 minute walk to the location. 


Type in Cranachwäldchen on Google Maps and then switch to satellite to get a view that is very close to this one: 


If anything changes with location or time (for example when we get shut down) we will announce this on instagram. We will do the most we can to celebrate this special event for us. 

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